Untitled Fighting Game (working title) is my current gamedev project. I'm going to ramble shortly about it here.
It's a 2D roguelike-ish fighting game. It's still very early in development but the basic gist of what I'm going for is a combat based platformer with a focus on stamina management, slower paced and measured combat as opposed to more hectic button mashy combat, roguelike random level generation, perma-death, and exploration to some degree. My plan is to have plenty of lore based information to be found by exploring off the beaten track as well as boosts and buffs as one would expect from a roguelike.

I also have a few ideas I'd like to try regarding the health system. The character you play in the game (Chala) is a child of the planet Mala (I'm considering caling the game something like "Child of Mala" but haven't decided yet) and is formed from the Planet's life energy, aka Essence. As such her hp is directly linked to how much Essence she has stored. No max value but if she goes to zero then she dies.
Essence is dropped by killed enemies and when Chala takes damage she will drop a portion of that damage as Essence as well. Dropped Essence can be collected by Chala thus increasing her current hp, stolen by other enemies, can be used to revive enemies or used by bosses to boost their own hp or perform a special attack. Essence will also be used to upgrade Chala's stats and to buy and cast spells, so I'm aiming for a kind of risk/reward system where buffing your character and using powerful moves also weakens her.
It's still too early to tell how far I'm going to go with this, it could end up being a nightmare to balance but this is what I have in mind at the moment.

Test Build

I've uploaded a super rough test build for Windows PC that you can download by clicking the image below. If you'd like to give it a go for a few minutes and send me some feedback I'd really appreciate it!
At the moment it's basically just an empty level with some enemies in it and I'm mainly just looking for feedback on the character handling/level traversal and general feel/responsiveness of the combat, if anything feels clunky etc. But I'd be happy for feedback ragarding any aspect of the game if you have it.

You can contact me with feedback via:

Graphics and audio are placeholder (where they even exist) and there's no real structure to the game yet. As it is you load straight into a little tutorial room where the basic controls are outlined and from there every time you run off the right edge of the exit room it will just reload a new level. Also when you die it will simply load a new level as well.
There's a minimap on the top right of the screen. The blue square is the start room, the green square is a room with a tree in it, and the orange square is the exit room. The rest are just normal rooms.
The stamina bar is in the top left of the screen and beneath it is a number indicating how much Essence you have stored. This is basically your hp.

Controls (Xbox controller):

Controls (Mouse and Keyboard):

To run the build (Only for Windows PC at the moment), download UFG_V0.1.zip by clicking the image below, unzip it's contents to a location of your desire, open the UFG_V0.1 folder and double click on UFG_V0.1.exe. I've included Unity's little pre-game dialog simply for the resolution options cause I'm too lazy to put together an options menu at this stage, so you can pick your preferred resolution and click Play! to run the build.

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